EP-Profile-2016Elandre was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and now resides in London, England. At a young age he had already found an interest in art and being creative using different mediums.  At High School he had Art as a subject and started painting using mainly oil paints as a medium.

After High School he lost touch with painting for a couple of years whilst focusing on building a career in IT.

In October 2012 Elandre and his wife packed up and moved to London, England where he currently works a day job as IT Support Analyst and paints in his spare time.

He still uses oil paints, but has switched to the water mixable ones and more recently started using acrylics for his abstract pieces.

Elandre looks to the internet for inspiration using such apps as Pinterest and Etsy with a vast amount of artists out there creating amazing pieces every day. With every new piece he strives to become a better artist, growing his styles and techniques.